Wormhole is set in the far future, where mankind has colonized a large series of worlds throughout the Milky Way galaxy.  They have uncovered a great many secrets about various technological marvels, including the secret to faster-than-light travel and faster-than-light communication between worlds. This has united the far-flung planets of the Confederated Worlds in a loose government.

It is said that humanity remained on Earth long enough for the planet to become massively overpopulated and incredibly drained on resources. In order to sustain life on the human homeworld, humanity began mining and harvesting materials from other planets within the solar system. This time was known as First Exodus. The First Exodus is the marker for all human time that follows, with that year being known as FE 0. The First Exodus happened in the ancient year of 2317 AD.

The First Exodus showed humanity that it could expand past its beginnings from the cradle and take its first steps in becoming a space-faring race. Humans built the first Lunar Colony, Armstrong, during the tumultuous months following the realization that Earth could no longer support human life.

The year is now FE 4230. Contact with other species has been made.  A galactic body of councilors has been formed from the major species within the galaxy, formed to protect the alliances and prevent inter-species warfare. With the introduction of gravity-based engines and energy manipulation, the galaxy has entered a golden era.

Or so it was imagined.

Not thirty standard years ago, an independent mining corporation unearthed a discovery that shook the galactic population. A colony was constructed on a world in the Pleadies star cluster; as the colony began to dig deep into the earth, ruins were uncovered, depicting strange and monstrous alien lifeforms that once ruled. Images were unearthed of these creatures diving through space and time and journeying to other worlds. All of the major races were shown in these images, including humanity. This alien species was noted as being terrible and powerful, forcing the evolution of all known races into servitude.

As knowledge of this find began to spread throughout all of known space, the mining corporation that found it – Zhan Yang Megacorp – began to pull in a great deal of wealth. They moved their base of operations to the mining colony in the Pleadies cluster, which was renamed Glory's Ascent.

One year ago, all communication from Glory's Ascent ceased. All attempts to contact them or travel to the world were met with disappearances and silence.  The Confederated Human Worlds and the rest of the galaxy waits in weighted silence for any word regarding what happened.

Could it be that the ancient masters have returned?


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