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Wormhole is a game that connects some players who are not in the same location; it's an online table-top game using the rulesets for d20 Modern, d20 Future and a great deal of d20 Modern supplements, including Urban Arcana (psionics) and Cyberscape (cyberware).

 Here is some information about the campaign in general, for familiarizing yourself with the concepts that take place in the galaxy.

Races – A list of common races in Wormhole's universe, including races that are available for play.

Ships – Information on ships and spacetravel.

Weaponry – Weapons technology in Wormhole.

History – A guide to Wormhole's history.

Culture – Information on the culture of the Confederated Human Worlds.

Planets – Important locations in Wormhole.


OOC Information – This is some Out Of Character information about the campaign.

Influences – A list of influential movies, books, songs, etc. that helped come up with the concept of this campaign.

Main Page

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