Right now, this is a holding page for ships. There are a few ship classes that traverse the Wormhole universe.

Lightning Class – The smallest class of vessel. Lightning Class ships are known for their speed and maneuverability. They do not carry much of a cargo payload. These are fighters and small transport ships, able to support 3-4 crew members and about 20 tons of cargo, usually made up of food supplies or weaponry on most military vessels.

Beetle Class – Beetle Class starships are the most common in the galaxy. They are mid-sized cargo vessels, troop carriers and fighter-bomber vessels used in combat. The size of a standard frigate, the Beetle Class is able to support 40-50 people in close confines (or 25-30 people comfortably) and can carry a respectable 80 tons of cargo.

Dark Class – Not so much a class all to its own, but a sub-class of vessels, the Dark Class is a modification on a standard ship (usually Lightning-Class or Beetle-Class, very rarely Behemoth-Class) which gives them stealth capabilities. These are usually used in military or smuggling operations, allowing pilots to transport their cargo without reading on sensors or scanners.

Titan Class – Titan-Class vessels are large cruisers that make up the bulk of most fleets. They are the backbone of any fleet, armed with powerful cannons and missiles. When not serving as military vessels, Titan-Class ships are large cargo carriers, delivering bulk freight from one system to another and making sure that galactic commerce continues without a hitch. They can carry up to 200 tons of goods and weaponry, usually bear large shield reserves and can comfortably fit 50-100 people within the vessel.

Behemoth Class -The largest battleships in any fleet, Behemot-Class vessels are often the strongest ships to back up any military. Behemoth-Class ships will have a small brace of Lightning-Class fighter ships to help defend it from attack, and usually can carry a payload of missiles and bombs capable of nearly destroying a planet. The Behemoth-Class rarely sees use outside of military situations. They are alpha cruisers and dreadnaughts, commonly known amongst Confederate military as Ships of the Line. Behemoth-Class vessels can carry up to 500 tons of equipment and cargo and can house a small battalion of troops, with up to 300 people able to operate within the ship comfortably.

Leviathan Class -Leviathan-Class ships are often fleet flagships. They are carrier vessels, able to store at least two squadrons of Lightning-Class fighter ships, and one bomber-squadron of Beetle-Class ships. Leviathans are vast enough to house thousands of people, but most of their space is taken up by the ships they house. These ships are never demilitarized, and are not allowed for use in the private sector. Aside from their cargo of other ships, they can carry one hundred people comfortably, and have a cargo hold of about 80 tons.

Ares Class -The so-called "city-in-space," the Ares-Class vessel is a colossal ship. They are mobile space stations, able to maintain over twenty-thousand inhabitants and two squadrons of Lightning-Class fighters. There are only fifteen Ares-Class ships in the galaxy, and building another requires the approval of the council. The Confederated Human Worlds own five Ares-Class ships, spread out throughout known space and bearing the most important admirals and military commanders of the Confederacy. The most interesting Ares-Class ship is the Quan Al Tir, a Quanara vessel that has been filled with the heavy liquid-based atmosphere of the race's homeworld. Entering it is almost certain death for any other race without layers upon layers of protective covering.


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