Along with humans, there are six species which make up the majority of power in the galaxy. Each entry includes a description of the race, along with information regarding that race's culture, its worlds and its general place in the galaxy. Historical concepts are also included in each race's page, with information on what they are generally known for.

Humans – Humans are part of the council of ruling species in the galaxy. They have spread throughout the local cluster surrounding their home star, Sol, which has led to unparalleled human expansion and growth. This star cluster, called the Proxima Verge, is further from any other occupied stellar system in the galaxy, creating a kind of buffer between humanity and the rest of the galaxy – which has served to their advantage.

Vinali – A warlike, powerful humanoid race that has expanded from Alpha Centauri to take a large hold of the galaxy themselves. They are reptilian humanoids and have known of humanity for some time, but had not visited them prior to humanity’s first steps toward interstellar civilization.

Telosians – The stereotypical 'grey' aliens from ancient Earth myth. They are powerful psionics and are well-known for spear-heading research into psychic concepts and unlocking the potential of other races.  They were the first contact of humanity, originally from Gliese 581, known as T'elos in their language.

The Frinth – This race of people has long since confounded most galactic standards of understanding. While they are a hive-mind race evolved from insects, they are heavily involved in galactic politics. They are not known as colonizers, instead keeping to their small cluster of planets in their own system, in the Pegasus constellation, their home star located 40 light years away from Sol.

The Quanara -  An incredibly mystical and spiritual race, the Quanara evolved from cephalopods in the oceanic depths of their homeworld in the binary system of Rho Cancri.  They are known for their understanding of other species and often sought out for their knowledge. They bear an important place in the galactic council, and were humanity's first allies. They are a tribal people, with many tribes spawning in the oceans of worlds. They must wear a specialized breather and suit to live on other worlds, lest the lack of heavy gravitational forces cause them to discorporate, and to breathe outside of an aquatic environment.

The Ysan -  Populous and vast, the Ysan empire has long borne enmity towards humanity from its home on the giant planets of their star, Sextantis. They are a bizarre species, favoring cybernetic enhancement over biological normalcy. The Ysan are born in great vats and given their first cybernetic implant shortly out of the womb, allowing them to interface directly with the systems in their technological society. They are a technocracy, with the scientists of the Ysan bearing the most power, and conglomerates of scientists governing the people.


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